Terms and conditions


Our services proposals (price, location and other info) are only valid for the dates presented in each proposal. The description of each service on our website and the custom proposals sent to our customers are abbreviated but aim to be as explicit as possible. However, the content and format of our service may suffer small modifications depending on the time of the year and on the meteorological conditions. Possible modifications of said services will be sent out when confirming a reservation. The itineraries for the activities that we send to our clients include a detailed description of the activities, norms of conduct, general conditions, prices and other info. Participants should then take notice of these itineraries.

Private Groups

Proposals for private groups/companies follow a previous laid out budget and will be dependent on the schedule of Terra d’Água. Proposed prices will depend on the number of people, choose location, duration of the activity, hotels costs, restaurants, transportation and other variables.

Time estimations

The duration of each activity is only an estimative and will always depend on external factors. We will give a 15 minutes tolerance for all the participants to gather at the meeting point for each activity.


All activities on the website Terra d’Água belong and are commercialized by Terras da Ria Lda. under the brand Terra d’Água. To sign up on any of our activities it is mandatory no make your reservation, on written format, to the email geral@terradeagua.com or by text message to (+351) 915262793. With this, you make the commitment to pay 50% of the price of the activity you signed up for beforehand. This payment should be made by bank transfer to the IBAN that will be sent out to you as a response to your reservation. After making this payment, proof of payment needs to be sent to the email geral@terradeagua.com. The remaining 50% of the price should be payed until the start of the activity. If you need an invoice with VAT number, make sure you request this to us when paying the activity. When signing up or booking an activity, the client agrees to: - Taking notice and accepting the present Terms and Conditions of participation, as well as the itinerary and scheduling of the activity the client signed up for; - Acknowledging that his health condition are adequated to the activity he signed up and accepting all the risks that may be associated with this activity (i.e not having immediate access to medical assistance): - Communicating to Terra D’Água about any illness or special condition that he may have.

Refunds and cancelations/changes

In the case of necessity to cancel an activity due to reasons outside of our control (i.e adverse meteorological conditions that will put in danger the safety of the participants) we will notify the participants as early as possible and we will do everything we can to present an alternative date that is convenient to our participants. In some cases, we may opt to do a full refund, depending on any commitments made with thirds. Terra D’Água reserva the right to cancel activities on the following cases: - There isn’t the minimum number of participants demanded for a specific activity; - Adverse meteorological conditions; - Safety conditions are not in place.
Certain activities are dependent on the meteorological conditions. In case of a client canceling his reservation, we may receive a partial refund on the following conditions: - If the cancelation is made until 48 hours before the start of the activity and Terra D’Água hasn’t made any commitments with operators related to the activity; - In cases of sold out events, Terra D’Água will not refund any amount; - In cases of alterations due to the impact of COVID-19, clients will be noticed with an alternative date to do the same activity. The client can also keep 100% of the value paid as credit to sign up on a future Terra D’Água activity.

Safety rules

Activities made by Terra D’Água follow strict safety guidelines to decrease any risk associated with these activities. Participants of these activities must commit to follow certain conduct guidelines that respect their safety, other people’s safety and nature. Terras da Ria, Lda. and their collaborators will not be held accountable for inappropriate behavior of the participants during any activity and may enforce the conclusion of an activity if safety conditions are not being respected. It’s the client’s responsibility to assure that his health condition is good enough for a specific activity/event.

Accidents and insurance

All insurances held by Terra d’água (Terras da Ria, Lda.) may be triggered during the period in which the activity will occur. This period is considered between the date and time scheduled for the start of the activity until the client leaves the activity. Whenever the client wishes to leave an activity he should inform our staff. Any accidents that may occur to a participant during the regular development of an activity will be regarded as valid to trigger the insurance. Accidents may NOT be considered valid to trigger the insurance on the following circumstances: - When the client, by his own will, decides to do some activity outside of the scope of the activity scheduled or when his behavior may bring unnecessary risks to the activity in which he is participating; - When the client, by his own will, goes against the rules and indications laid out by our staff and decides to change the route or the schedule that was previously set; - When any safety rules, previously established by our staff, are consciously ignored by the client. Any accident must be communicated to the insurance company up to a maximum of 72 hours after the conclusion of the activity.

Privacy Policy

We gather you data on the following circunstantes: - When you fill our contact form, we will gather your name, email address and message info. This data is not stored on any database and will just be processed as a regular email; - When you sign up for an event/activity, you are accepting that your data will be stored on our internal database for the following reasons: activating mandatory insurances, direct contact to confirm reservations or cancel events and to send invoices. We may also gather informations related to user experience on our website so we can improve our service.


Terra D’Água commits to protect their customer’s data and will never hand out this data others.

Data modifications

If the user doesn’t wish to receive informations from Terra D’Água or be contacted for other reasons, he may send an email to geral@terradeagua.com stating his will. He may also request changes or permanent deletion of his data by contacting us through our contact methods.