Route of the seaweed

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From the water to the land! Where the seaweed was the everyday fertilizer for the people of Murtosa. In the middle of Ria de Aveiro, on board of a typical Moliceiro boat we will sail through the stories of our ancestors while conversation with an old Moliceiro (craft that doesn’t exist anymore). On land, we’ll travel to a past time where rurality was mainstream and the agriculture was the most important craft, by visiting the Museum ‘Casa Museu Custódio Prato’ and having a regional launch on the house. This activity will involve a guided tour on bicycle, a visit and launch on the Museum (Casa museu Custódio Prato), a ride on a typical Moliceiro boat, a visit to the COMUR Museum and a tasting.
Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Includes: Guided tour through land and water; Ride on a Moliceiro boat; Bicycle; Regional lunch; H20; Insurances; Tasting; A surprise
Recommendations: Use sunscreen and a hat on any time of the year.
Other infos: The bicycle trail is about 20km long
Prices: under request